Jumat, 02 September 2011

TinkerbellDiscollegers: Lady Kicks Teenage Pop-Punk

Funny, I never have liked Pee Wee Gaskins, but I keep on falling in love with your typical teenage pop-punk tunes; especially with this one, TinkerbellDiscollegers. A teenage pop-punk with a kicker of a frontlady? Hot!

I uploaded "Tentukan Pilihan" for you to watch, and it would not be too hard to understand my recommending TinkerbellDiscollegers. It might also be quite in reference to mention that I grew up watching a lot of American teenage movies [yes, I used to love them to bits].

TinkerbellDiscollegers - Tentukan Pilihan

So, would it be wrong to recommend a band because they have a hot vocalist? Well, I could assure you that this band would not be on my recommendation list if they would have gone out with a male vocalist. What am I saying? TinkerbellDiscollegers is a must-recommended band as they have appeared on the video above [watch the clip if you have not]. As a matter of fact, I think Pee Wee Gaskins would be better off with a female vocalist. In fact, all teenage pop-punk bands should have a female vocalist. Female vocalists fit teenage pop-punk so well, and please do not misunderstand the statement for I super-dig teenage pop-punk [ask my mum].

Taken from their Facebook Fanpage

I believe the term "good" does not only refer to a band's original material, but also their appearance in public be it on a live performance or promo material such as video clips. Anyway, I will not stop encouraging you from watching "Tentukan Pilihanmu", and right at this point, I am hoping to be able to invite them to one of my shows.

Meanwhile, join their thousand something followers on twitter @tinkerbell_DCLG and "like" their Facebook fanpage.

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