Kamis, 01 September 2011

Easy Tiger: Let's Paint This Town!

In all honesty, I fell in love with "Paint This Town" by Easy Tiger the first time I listened to it; and for such cleverness, Easy Tiger will deserve more than just your applause. Furthermore, I will not be surprised at all if the band would appear continuously on gigs and festivals across town. They are succeeding in painting this town after all.

Promo Picture taken from their Facebook Fanpage

Easy Tiger - Paint This Town [Acoustic Version]

Surely, this is not the first motivational song on my playlist, but I am quite convinced that "Paint This Town" actually has that great power to motivate just about anyone, to get out of bed! Yesterday knows you'll be fine today, and that super cute voice flows out dancing on the surface of some easy to digest piano playing. The rest of the song is needless to say too great to be true. Light distortion on the guitar combined with catchy electronic sound coming from the synth, natural male vocals in addition to the previous cute female vocals, pop-semi-dance drum beat, and oh yes god let us paint this town.

Live at JakCloth taken from Hai Online

Another thing, that No Talent [and don't tell me you've never heard of No Talent, one of the coolest local punk rock acts] kid, Armand, knows how to blend in with tunes other than his usual duk tak duk duk tak tune : )

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