Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

East Overcast: Super Mood Booster!

Hailing from Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan, my first impression would be "what a super mood booster", and East Overcast reminds me of how music could be much simpler than some trying-to-be-cool composition arranged within such complication. Rewrite your ideas, and start consuming simple music for the modesty these kids offer is somehow genius!

East Overcast | taken from their Myspace Photo Album

Listen to "The Wind" by East Overcast, and you might just agree with my opinion of putting the song super out loud right after waking up on a weekend. On the other hand, I would not deny the suitability of the song to roll on my playlist, on a late Saturday afternoon right as I would be heading out of the house to grab beer with friends.

East Overcast | taken from their Myspace Photo Album

Constant drum beats and single bass line that accompany the continuously distorted guitar sound that creates echoes every once in a while define such simple manner of let-us-have-some-fun attitude. The vocalist clearly sings the lyrics in happiness as he says "to spend my time, thinking of you" : ) Yes, high school punk tunes are the greatest!

Download "The Wind" on oBox here and visit their MySpace page for a full profile. If you happen to be on Kaskus, you could also visit their Kaskus thread and drop your comments to support them.

Call Dita Anggraeni on 0857 1851 4285 to book East Overcast, and let me know for I will most probably be on that show!

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