Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

@theaftermiles for British Council INA | #BestofUK Fest!

Tweet: RT @theaftermiles #BestofUK by @BCIndonesia | Saturday, Dec 10th at 19.00 - End | Pacific Place Jkt | FREE ENTRY | tell all ur friends : )

This will be the first gig we hit without our kid vocalist, @andre_achin; after so far of dedication to the band he finally decided to leave and begin his career with Astoria, a new music project that came from the good hands of Uki [PeterPan]. I, of course, deeply feel the loss of a great vocalist, but I nonetheless always wish @andre_achin the best of luck, for he deserves the best of results after years of developing as a devoted musician.

Good luck mate : )

The Aftermiles

Fever to Tell

Morning Blue

I thank the British Council for the invitation, the chance is definitely an honor to deliver the best of a performance. Other than the Aftermiles, the show will also present Fever to Tell [@fevertotellband], The Wall [@thewallofficial], and the well known Morning Blue [@himorningblue]. Personally speaking, this will be my opportunity to see @fevertotellband :D I have been meaning to catch them at various gigs around town, but the chance never came. I am therefore grateful to share the stage with @fevertotellband : )

So far, the preparation has been running on the good lane; the Aftermiles returned to the rehearsal studio last week, and will be finalising the concept of performance on Thursday. I was hoping we could throw out something special for the evening, but certain limitations on time have been an obstacle difficult enough to overcome. Though worry not, the Aftermiles will definitely be all out on stage : )

Right on then readers, I hope to see you on Saturday!


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