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Pad 28 - Warung Bejo

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Dear readers,

Greet @acilfais, @gitanova, @_chicchira, @jattuanggraeni, @bbondann, and @arindakristie as we met her later on last night. Laughter and little teasers were on the platter, and I was once again having the good time; surely, it would be within my best interest that everyone shared the same good night out in town. Within some self-surprise, I did not even attempt to deliver the current case of my broken heart [everyone say "oooooooooooooh" - haha]; for all I knew, the evening was way too valuable to miss only for some sad soapy stories. Everyone had given the effort to enlighten the mood, and so I tried my every best to level up : )

Pad 28 | taken from @padkeeper28

We had a plan to visit @beergarden_kmg for a silly treat over bottles of beer [while I'm not even allowed to have any alcohol - haha], but then as suggested by our one and only Ms. @jattuanggraeni, the destination was changed to Pad 28 in Senopati, South of Jakarta. No one [but her, I presumed] knew the place, though I was then convinced that Pad 28 offered some super cozy atmosphere.

The evening ran a little decent, no alcohol was involved, other than a big bottle of Bintaeng obtained by Rio [sorry mate, I know not of your existence on Twitter - hehe], who spent half the time fiddling around on his bibi [read: blackberry], while spending the other half being encouraged to get some girl pregnant so she would not have to move out of town [ahahahahaha]. We had our worries that the venue would not hold our verbal foolishness, but then none of the worry was left, not until this couple turned around and placed ears as one of us [please note yourself - haha] claimed that getting a girl pregnant would be one of the best ways to stay together [errrrrr? Ahahahaha? Hmmmmm].

Quote: @errrrrrr :D

Ouh, I would also like to highlight @_chicchira, Ms. Electrolux-on-Discounts [highly on demand] who arrived in lateness and looking like she was just brutally raped by the traffic jam, and started eating @bbondann's seemingly to be delicious Dorayaki cakes without permission [I was sure it was out of anger, yes yes *sigh*] :D

Quote: @gitanova

Our little meet up with @arindakristie ended the night : ) There were bits and pieces to reflect upon inside the stories we once again shared; life - and I kept on capturing the word "simplify" [quote: @gitanova], love - find happiness [keyword: family | quote: @everyone], and the value of friendship that were shown openly on the table became parts of my going-home thoughts : )

Note: @juhessica will need to come next time : )

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